Worcester Boiler Replacement Altrincham WA14 –   Worcester Greenstar 30i erp Combi Boiler

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Worcester boiler replacement Altrincham


Mr Dickson required our services for a combi boiler replacement he had budget of around £2500 this budget was to cover a new combi boiler replacement and also replace two radiators in mr dicksons property. After one of our gas safe registered installers had carried out a full site survey to find the best boiler and radiators for his budget and suit his property mr dickson chose to have his existing combi boiler replacement with a worcester 30i as we can offer 10 years warranty on this particular model when installed with a with a worcester magnetic filter. He had a couple of quotes from a couple of other local heating engineers we had beat the best price he was offered by £500 for the same boiler replacement,  

DAY 1: We decommissioned the old combi boiler and replaced with the new worcester boiler replacement was also replaced the old radiators and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV)  


Project Name: Combi Boiler Replacement Altrincham

Location: Altrincham WA14

Boiler Used: Worcester Bosch

Range: Greenstar 30i

Output: 30kw

MPN: 7733600005

Size: 400mm x 700mm x 330mm

Warranty: 10 years

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