What is a Condensing Boiler?

What is a Condensing BoilerThere are a number of different boilers which can be employed to provide your home with an ample amount of heat. One common variety is known as a condensing boiler. What are the basic mechanics behind these efficient units?

Why are they extremely popular options when referring to professional boiler installations in Manchester? If you have always been curious to learn about the mechanics behind a condensing unit, the information below should prove to be rather interesting.

Condensing Boilers Defined: The Basics

The name of the game in regards to condensing boilers is energy efficiency. As the name might already suggest, one of the principles behind this type of heating system is the ability to convert existing water condensation directly into heat. This heat can then be transferred throughout the home.

It is interesting to note that this process is entirely different when compared to a non-condensing boiler, as a greater amount of heat is generated in relation to the proportion of fuel that is burned. In other words, condensing units can save you a great deal of money on heating costs each year.

How Does a Condensing Boiler Work?

These boilers contain a total of two different heat exchangers. The main benefit behind this configuration is that any heat that might otherwise be lost to the outside environment is instead recirculated directly back into the internal system. Water vapour created by flue gases is collected and expelled through the use of a condensation pipe.

On a final note, we should mention that condensing boilers do not require the use of a constantly burning pilot light. This arises from the fact that their ignition source is only activated when there is a demand for hot water (such as when a thermostat is triggered). Thus, you are wasting even less fuel.

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