What are the existing types of boilers?

What are the existing types of boilers

The average consumer can choose from a number of different types of boilers. The ultimate decision will often depend upon the property in question as well as its associated heating requirements. However, making such an important decision will require a bit of foreknowledge.

What are some of the most common boiler variants and what features does each have to offer? Whether you require an emergency boiler repair or it is time for an upgrade, the information below will come in handy.

Conventional Boilers

These traditional boilers consist of a water storage tank and a cylinder. While such units might not be the most efficient solutions, they are still capable of providing a large volume of hot water to a home. They are often chosen in the event that a property contains multiple bathrooms.

Conventional units may be preferred when it is too expensive to upgrade the existing heating system. They can also be employed within homes that do not receive a great deal of mains water pressure.

System Boilers

The main difference between this type of boiler and the conventional option mentioned above is that a system boiler will not require a built-in water tank. This reduces the cost and effort associated with an installation and system boilers could also be chosen to address homes with a limited amount of available space.

As they are not susceptible to frost damage or leaks, system boilers are also much easier to maintain over time. They will not require an expansion cistern and they are still able provide a constant supply of hot water.

Combination Boilers

Also known as “combi” boilers, these systems are some of the newest innovations on the market. Combination boilers will arguably offer the most cost-effective solutions when heating a home. As the name suggests, these boilers will address central heating solutions as well as the provision for hot water.

Water is heated from the mains, so there is no need for a separate storage tank. Finally, they will provide an ample amount of water pressure without including a separate pump.

These are the three main types of boilers which property owners can choose from. Each offers its own unique set of advantages, so it is important to appreciate which one might be the best option. Anyone who would like to learn more should contact Gas Heating Solutions at their convenience.