How to Reset a Worcester Boiler

How to Reset a Worcester BoilerWorcester boilers are some of the most efficient and reliable heating units currently on the markets. One of the primary benefits associated with these configurations is that they contain a number of safety elements. This is why they can be manually reset by a boiler installation service in the event that a problem arises.

However, it is also possible for homeowners to perform this very same task. Resetting a boiler can sometimes represent a viable option to temporarily restore hot water before the unit is serviced by a trained professional. Let’s take a look at the steps which are involved with this process.

Quick and Simple

The good news is that resetting this type of boiler is safe and easy, so no previous experience will be required. It is first necessary to find the button labelled “reset”. It is most commonly seen on the front of the unit although some designs might have it placed in other locations. You will then depress this button and hold it down for approximately three seconds. The reason why it needs to be held down is to avoid an accidental reset during servicing or cleaning.

There are other models which possess a reset light indicator at one end of a temperature dial. In this instance you will need to slide the control knob until it reaches the reset end. Once again, hold the knob here for three seconds before returning it to its original position. The boiler should thereafter audibly reset and begin functioning.

Obtaining the Services of a Trained Technician

We should make it a point here to note that resetting a Worcester boiler is normally only a short-term solution to an ongoing problem. In other words, you will need to contact a professional boiler maintenance and installation firm in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis of any problems that might be present. It is better to take a proactive stance, as waiting might actually make things worse. This is when Gas Heating Solutions can be of assistance.

Would you like to troubleshoot an erratic boiler? Have you suddenly lost all hot water within your home? Do you instead require a gas safety certificate? If so, one of our technicians is always standing by. Please contact us directly to schedule an appointment at your convenience.