Boiler Repair Longsight

Keeping your boiler in great condition takes work, and our range of services can help with that in Longsight.

Boiler Repair Services

boiler repair LongsightBoilers are built to last, but as with any other machines, they are bound to break down. A leaking pipe here and a faulty fuel extraction system there demand prompt responses. Timely repairs save you money because they don’t get the chance to cause more damage to the system.

Our boiler repair professionals are always punctual. We have the latest equipment and use time-tested techniques to fix boiler issues. Our Gas Safe engineers are knowledgeable about various types of furnaces.

They will inspect your heating system, identify problems and return the appliance in working condition in no time. If a boiler needs new parts, we will fit it with genuine ones to ensure that it maintains its efficiency standards.

Boiler Replacement Service

A furnace that can’t meet its heating requirements even after repairs will keep costing you money. Replacing it is a more practical solution that we can help with, which is why we also provide a professional boiler replacement service in Longsight.

Maybe, the new home you have moved to uses an old furnace that doesn’t offer good power consumption. Switching it out with an energy rated boiler make sense. Gas Heating Solutions can help with the boiler choice by finding one that caters to your heating demands and budget.

Gas and Heating Engineer

When searching for boiler services, you want professionals who understand your needs and fulfil them. Any gas and heating engineer from our team has experience in exactly that. Besides repairs and replacements, our engineers also provide boiler installation in Longsight. They will set up the system to provide maximum heating. If you want yearly maintenance for your boilers or gas certificates for your building, our certified and licensed engineers will provide the service.


Gas heating solutions offer a rapid solution to all your plumbing and heating requirements. We operate a 24 hour emergency plumber in  Manchester service so no matter what your plumbing emergency our Gas Safe Registered engineers are on standby.

If you’re suffering from a leaky tap, burst pipe, blocked sink, water leak, toilet not flushing, faulty shower or any other plumbing problems then let our Manchester Based professional plumbers take a look at it. We offer emergency plumbing services that can repair or install a range of bathroom and kitchen appliances.

Need an appliance fitted?

We offer a plumbing installation service on washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances, We also install new pipes, water feeds, outdoor taps, radiators, waste pipes, and all other plumbing installation work carried out. We cover all areas of, Manchester

Call 07496 986 699 for reliable, efficient and safe boiler services in  and the local area.

From apartment building owners to short let dwellers, we have a gas and heating engineer to suit every job. Contact us on 07496 986 699 to hire one.