Boiler Repair Didsbury

If you need a local gas engineer to arrange a boiler servicing in Didsbury as well as throughout Manchester, North West, United Kingdom, contact Gas Heating Solutions. We are a trusted company registered with Gas Safe (Registration number 574548); we service all leading central heating systems brands.

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Boiler repair servicing

Importance of Boiler Service

It’s important and manufacturers of boilers recommend you to have your boiler service every year. That gives you a peace of mind when you know your boiler is safe. Furthermore, the chances of a boiler that is serviced regularly breaking down in winter when it’s essential, is very low. The service removes ash deposits from the heating elements plus improves efficiency. Boilers that are un-serviced have a high chance of resulting in carbon monoxide getting into your business or home. Additionally, regularly servicing your boiler with us will use less fuel, and make you save money on fuel.

Gas Safety Certificates from £39.99 

If you’re a landlord and own many properties, we are also offering fixed-rate gas safety certificates. In accordance with the UK’s Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, landlords are legally required to get a CP12 (gas safety certificate) every year. Thus, letting agencies and landlords take advantage of the no hassle service we offer on gas safety certificate. You can even decide to pass on the contact details of your tenants for Gas Heating Solutions to check their availability.

Our gas certificate service starting fee is £39.99, and it covers checks on a single gas appliance, extra gas appliances will be checked once we’re on site at a discounted fixed price. Also, a local Gas Safe registered heating engineer who is qualified and experienced carries out our gas safety checks. It is advisable to get all gas appliances checked between all tenants as well, then you will be sure that your appliances are in excellent condition before new tenants move in.

We take the headache that often comes from managing your all rental properties from the beginning to the end. We are always happy to talk directly with your tenants and arrange everything from a boiler service to gas safety certificates or emergency boiler repair Didsbury. This includes all your gas appliances such as gas cooker, boiler and pipework. We can send an electronic certificate once we have completed the gas safety inspection. As an alternative, we can post the paper certificate free of charge: just inform your gas safe registered engineer which option you prefer.

High-Quality Work

Our professional boiler installers and Gas Safe engineers are fully qualified and insured, and they pride themselves on their work, which is always of high quality. They will guide you through the task they are carrying out, discuss the gas inspection options in details and tidy up after themselves. Moreover, labour and all parts are fully guaranteed. We believe that boiler service, emergency boiler repairs, boiler repair as well as maintenance should be a fast, headache-free matter. That is why our gas engineers can come at your tenanted property, business or home quickly when you contact us. To get in touch, please call us today on 07496 986 699 or send an email to